The Government In Exile

Renew our democracy.

Trump wants us gone.

We are the anti-Trump!


Your Government In Exile!

Upon inauguration D.Trump did proclaim

"Today we are transfering power
back from D.C. to you the people."

Trumpian crap.

Our wealth is good health.

Lev Health Plan Guarantee:
within six weeks
fully covers 11 million people.
Taxpayer's cost free.


Six weeks later
an additional 12 million people
fully covered
Under the same penny wise structure!

Health care peace of mind for all.

Every 7 day payroll
11 million young healthy workers

add $55 million dollars
to our
Catastrophic Illness Pool;
Your Fountain of Youth!

Within six weeks
Obama Care folks may
begin their migration
to get better care for less money.

Within one year
two billion
eight hundred sixty million dollars

will brim
our catastrophic illness pool,
not counting migrants from Trump's unhealthiness!

Within the year
you every company our whole country can
migrate to Lev-Care
Save money.
Our whole country.

Within ten years
Lev-Care will save America minimum 3.2 trillion dollars.

Your Government In Exile!

Every Dr. and Dentist will endorse our
common sense privatized one-payer plan!

Our financial key is your nongovernmental Catastrophic Illness pool.

scratches his itch
to scratch our taxes on the rich.

nary carry
Town Crier Liar
siphons America's wealth
to cut the poor's health.

This thin skined
laundered Russian money
his Trump Tower bedroom,
a ruble laundramat.

Our President Trump,
fascist through and through

is soon to become
An Impeachment Event!
political cancer cut!


The master of misdeeds
D. Chief Liar Thief
is soon to be
evicted from our fief.

Your loose nickels and dimes
our care
without bureaucracies!

Here is our prize winning U. S. A. know how.

As a nation,
we agree on docking ourselves
a two penny
tip for the help,
charted on the goods
we buy at pharmacies,
fast food chains,
supermarkets, 7/11's
Kmarts, Targets, Home Depot, etc.


Upon burger, fries and drink,
the cashier asks,
"Is our gratuity OK?"
A total six cents
is added to your tab.

Fifteen items at the supermarket
is thirty cents.
Your total could be $55, or more.

Coupon fanatics agree
a two penny gratuity
earmarked for the workers makes good cents.

With a couple pennies out of pocket
we all have skin in the game
in clue ding
even undocumented workers.

At the end of the week
our loose pennies are cut up
according to our total hours worked
and deposited in our
Medical Assurance Savings Accounts.

After six weeks
Lev card holders can use their cards
for other family members
and their significant others, too.

Upon our loose pennies
23 million people
will have access to med-care
with $5 to $10 a week
earmarked for our health-care-kitty
The Catastrophic Illness Pool.

At the end of six weeks
at least $360 Million Dollars is in
Catastrophic Illness Pool!

At the end of our first year
close to three billion dollars will be
in our Catastrophic Illness Pool.
Enough to cover all.

Whatever cannot be treated
from visiting the Doctor
likely qualifies as catastrophic.

We seek a one line change in our tax code:
Dr.'s can do $50,000 in charity,
deduct the 50K off the top of their income tax
then an additional 25K off their bottom payable line.
The doctor and dentist goal:
Freedom of Income Tax.

Our tax loss is off-set by
Emergency Rooms only for Emergencies.
Every Dr. will have a neon sign.
"No Insurance? We are here. Walk-ins welcome."
From this one line change in our tax code
At least another ten million Medicaid potentials
are pre-covered for their health care.

Our whole country will have pre-paid access to care.

There is more.
We plan on sponsoring free medical education for
doctors, dentists, nurses and all related medical personal.
Nothing is free.
A Dr. or dentist will have 40 interest free years to pay back
for their medical education
and be able to work off their 40 year loan doing charity.
With Freedom of Income Tax a realizable goal
there will be plenty doctors and dentists to go around.

Our strength is you,
each and every individual
penny rich
single payer
who gets to pay for health care
with your own nickel and someone else's penny.

The Government in Exile
access for public interest TV speech
an expression of our constitutional rights!

We have rights.
Lev-Care is going to cover 60 million families
within 24 weeks
without government or insurance co. bureaucracies.
We have rights.
We, the people have a constitutional right
an entitlement
to televised political speech
to unmask D.Trump's political charade!

Dems and Reps are both the same.
Without refrain
might we
swamp their drain
renew our founder's freedom scheme?

Click to read the original Lev-Care essay updated.
Every question is dealt with.

wrote and built
The Government In Exile dot com.
Click on his image.
See our poet prophet recite your story of creation.
Adman and Even Bac in the Gar Den.

Michael Levinson

Quest yin? Email our Chairman Lev

Lev has raised the issue of his Television Scripture
His to be "spoken poem for all man kind"
lettered in double columns
to perform live whirled wide on worldwide television,
the seam in the tap-a-stream
World Peace and food chain harmony;
The first peaceful night in five thousand years of recorded history
on good ship Mother Earth.
All the world's peoples doing the same thing at the same time
Wa ching the Lev Big TV Show
Due Turn On Oh Me!

Main issue: Are his mull tie ling well narratives
Fun to listen to.
Decide for your self.
Click on LEV image to hear and see LEV recite your story of Adman and Even."

Michael Levinson

Lev campaign 4 president is founded on world renewal.
Words for all man kind.

Judge the Poet Peacemaker
The best choice for President 2020 is
your inspired world class poet

Fresh Revenue Streams

Mortgage Reform
Worthy of a Nobel Prize!
Uncle Sam Shazam Credit Card
doubles the credit worthiness of our whole country
the Shazam spread,
will draw down all our public debt!
Lev Health Care Plan!
Every Dr. and Dentist will endorse it.

Uncle Sam Shazam

doubles the credit worthiness of our whole country,
from the bottom up.

The essay, Uncle Sam Shazam, is high tonic prose
Uncle Sam Shazam could be typeset as a poem.

Here's the Uncle Sam Shazam Lev Deal:
We issue 2% Shazam Savings Bonds
to pay off everyone's credit card debt,
moving the debt to Uncle Sam Shazam cards
interest rate 7% to 12%.

Deep ending on your cred
the spread between 2% Shazam bonds
and the interest on your Shazam cred card
is applied to further drawing down our national debt!

Soon enough we won’t have a national debt sucking up our wealth.

The card companies will have millions of reliable customers
with clean cards burning holes in their pockets.

New companies will form / business will begin to boom.
The poverty line poor with Social Security
will have a $500 line backed by their monthly sinecure.

Sea Poet Prophet for yourself. Play LEV videos

This next is a mini-masterpiece of spontaneous speech.
The camera person was / is an anti Semite anti-Levinson person.
That is why two black bars top and bottom and the distance from camera to poet
to diminish the contents besides crappy opening music instead of
"Here Comes The Chief."
The anti-Lev person ripped Lev off for hundreds of dollars and refused to hand over broadcast quality tape.
So Lev bought his own camera.
All the other videos you see are single-handed selfie productions.

This tape begins with Adman and Even,
shows one prophetic passage from the Television Scripture,
then a full explanantion of the Lev Mortgage Program where every house is saved;
then the Clipper Ship Building Jobs Program,

Clipper ship building

every home an energy incubator, the Lev Health Care package, and more.
One spontaneous must-see masterpiece.

I speak we win.

"The White House is my stepping stone to deliver World Peace

I bring to the political table innovative economic growth plans."

Michael Levinson on Late Nite Broadcast Television
This video has had more than 3,000 views on YouTube.

Had our nation seen this 13 minute video below;
had you heard Lev Health Care Assurance
that will cost less than half of Obama’s Care
and covers our whole country
in six week’s time, without a website or bureaucracy
only a one line change in the tax code;
Uncle Sam Shazam
a giant money-making fresh revenue stream for the betterment of our country
that eliminates public debt,
Lev might've been elected president in 2012!

The 12 minute video below was recorded audio aired and video on WMNF 88.5 FM website.
Deciding for Lev?
Grab a pen practice write his full name Michael Levinson three times
and you are good to go.
Don’t forget to bring your own pen.

Click for full array of souvenir Lev for President 2016 T-shirts.

Lev campaign dough nations are guaranteed to initiate Fed Burr of Eye investigations
into your life and times,
another excellent reason to elect Lev president.
Lev has the intestinal fortitude required to reform the intelligence agencies, for openers.
In his own words, "I don’t take sides."

Read the unadulterated Church Committee Book II

FB-Eye did not cease their
domestic counter-intelligence activities
exposed in the Church Committee Books II and III.
FB-Eye was in charge of what the Church Committee was shown.

Here is Church Committee Book III

They changed the name of their domestic Counter Intelligence Program,
and from that day forward stamped all domestic activities

This ha pens to be the only place in cyberspace where you can
download a readable copy of the reports.
Google Church Committee Reports and find that for yourself!

Upon election I am going to immediately
Merge Cash In Advance (CIA) and Fascist Bureaucracy Ink. (FBI)
Into a single agency,
that way
civil or criminal, domestic or foreign
All inteligence gathering is conducted under the same roof with a statute
clearly prohibiting
Interference in anyones domestic life whether political or private
unless the person is believed to be maybe
planning radical terrorist activities
then we should be watching 24 / 7 ready to grab them
after they purchase a pressure cooker, etc.

In the land of the blind the one-eye man is king.

Upon election to president,
Lev will meet with Members of Congress
and together
get to the bottom of the Federal Bureau of Eye's
illegal domestic activities that weakened our country
and keep our citizenry afraid and unsafe.

Detroit should become a major hybrid clipper ship building port.